I'm a dedicated, persistent, experienced, consultant with a knack for bridging the gap between my clients and technology.

With some great accomplices in web & application development, computer support, and networking, we make up an amazing team to help you master tech.

Digging in a little deeper, I have specific interest and experience in the healthcare, dental, and veterinary industries.  Don't worry, I've got clients in education, accounting, marketing, real estate, staffing, and construction too.

ConsulTech consistently provides responsive, reliable, quality service. I have contracted with ConsulTech for over 16 years as my primary support system for all of my company's technology needs. From troubleshooting onsite or remotely, responding to an immediate crisis, advising me on purchase needs, or building my entire office network with automatic back up systems, my experience has always been top notch. I highly recommend ConsulTech services for your technology needs.

Cassandra E. 

"Matt and Consultech Services are the first person we call for all of our technical needs. I own a small business and they are our IT team! Matt is responsive and quick to fix any issues we have. He is proactive in making recommendations for hardware and software and I have yet to find a technical issue he can't resolve."

Julie C.

"I have been working with Consultech for 16 years. They are fast, flawless and extremely efficient. I also have a network of 12 independent vendors who have also used Consultech and these vendors tell me that Consultech does a better job then the actual IT support staff of the software companies whose licenses we purchase. That means hundreds of projects Consultech has successfully completed in record time. I am continuously amazed how much talent and integrity this firm displays month after month-year after year. They also beat ever one of their competitors prices because Consultech not only has a 100% perfect track record with us, they also complete projects much faster time then their competitors. I can honestly say Consultech is the best company I have ever worked with. Creative, reliable, honest and quick .....Thats Consultech"

Robert S

“Matt is an expert on all things relating to computers. He was able to get me up and working on my home network in a very short period of time and he is very friendly and easy to work with.”

-Kathy B.

“Matt, like all experts, makes what he does look easy. His expertise has significantly improved and streamlined the IT function of our small company. His knowledge and experience has benefited me personally as well. He quickly “fixed” my home computer by logging in remotely one evening. Matt is responsive, follows through, follows up and is incredibly patient with “non-techies”. Definitely the Geek alternative!”

-Mary W.